FP's 2011 Failed State Index

I find myself divided over my feelings towards Sri Lanka.  People who have traveled to Sri Lanka always say how much they love the island and how nice the people are.  It is beautiful and yes, the people are nice for the most part, however, I see a very sinister side to the society that the government goes to great lengths to cover up. 

Having been working in the post conflict areas of the east and north I have a different take on all the beauty.  Sometimes I think I'm blowing things out of proportion and then I see rankings such as Foreign Policy's Failed State Index. 

Sri Lanka has earned the dubious honor of being listed in Foreign Policy's top 30 failed list and shares the same category ranking as sunny destinations including the Rep of Congo, North Korea, Iran and Rwanda.  It's #29, coming just after Eritrea and step above Sierra Leone.

I suppose I'm not the only person who doesn't see the island with the rosy colored glasses that many visitors have the luxury of wearing.